So my about page explains a little bit about who I am and why I chose the name yiddish.ninja for my blog. But it doesn’t explain my intentions for this blog.

I think the subtitle in the header graphic explains the purpose “Code, community, and life… with a touch of schmaltz.”

There are three things that are important to me in 2015… writing more and better code, being a better community leader for Seattle CoderDojo, and getting better at life. It’s that last one that’s sort of amorphous. I want to be a better dad to my two sons, a better husband to my one wife, a better friend to the old friends I have and the new ones I make in 2015, a better teammate to my coworkers, and just live better. Bite with more gusto, eat with more restraint, and demand more quality of and thoughtfulness about the things with which I feed my mind and body.

So I’ll write about what I’m doing to get there and what I discover along the way. Hopefully people will find value in my discussion of the journey, the tools, and the results. Hopefully I’ll have enough unique insights and interesting ways of expressing them that they’ll come back for more.

Or maybe I’ll just be blogging for no one but for an archive my sons can read when they’re my age and understand what I was going through at a similar time in life.

I just know two things.
1: I’m good, but I could stand to get better.
2: I’d like to share my insights somewhere other than Facebook and Twitter.

So yiddish.ninja.

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