Viewing Someone’s Previous LinkedIn Posts

You’re using LinkedIn’s website, you see an update in your news feed, intend to come back to it later, but later it’s gone.

If you remember who posted it, you can pull up the person’s profile, but the profile will only contain one recent update if any. Finding the item again then becomes a painful and arduous task of scrolling your news feed downward and downward, moving the timeline farther and farther back, trying to get the item to appear again.

I ran into this today, trying to see a contact’s past updates, and decided to figure out how to solve this problem. Now that I have, I’m sharing.

Looking Up Someone’s Recent Activity on LinkedIn

It’s actually pretty simple if you’re using LinkedIn mobile. Just look up the person you want.

Mobile Linked In Screenshot demonstrating Recent Activity section

Below the profile header and “message button” is a “Recent activity” section. It will show the most recent post, update, comment, like, or share, then a “Show all” link to see more. Easy.

If you’re on the web, this is not easy. Recent activity is buried in a sub-menu of the profile you might not have realized exists (or forgot about or ignored).

Linked In Screen Capture demonstrating placement of the Recent Activity menu item

Next to the “Send a message” button on my profile is a down arrow. Anyone would be forgiven if they mistook it as part of the “Send a message” button or assumed it simply provided options related to sending a message.

Nope, simply hovering over that arrow opens up a whole new world of LinkedIn options related to this person. And the top option is “View recent activity.”

And that’s how you can easily find a past update or post from one of your LinkedIn contacts without having to comb through endless pages of your timeline feed.

15 Replies to “Viewing Someone’s Previous LinkedIn Posts”

  1. On the desktop browser / web version it seems that it will only let you see recent activity (last two weeks) – I cannot see a show all or show more option.


  2. No dropdown on the website version for me, just an option for “endorse” – cant find history on mobile version either – I give up, better things to do than try to work out poorly designed website!!

    • There’s a dropdown for me, though I am logged in. I decided to make sure it worked for someone I was not connected to and the first person who popped into my head was Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer. Looked her up and clicked the down arrow next to “Connect.”

      Looking up Marissa Mayer's recent posts on LinkedIn

      If you actually click through, it says she hasn’t had any recent activity in two weeks. On mobile it just doesn’t have an activity section.

      And since this article is over a year old, the UI has changed a bit on mobile. If I look up someone named Steve, and IF they have recent posts or activity, it will show them as “Steve’s Posts” and “Steve’s Activity” sections with “See More” links at the bottom.

      It’s all still there on web and Android. I haven’t confirmed iOS.

      One thing that may be causing the disconnect is I notice you have a email. Could it be that has a different UI for than

  3. I’ll try this, but I am also curious. In following your procedure one must also be aware of the fact that in doing so you will show up and a person under their “who’s viewed your profile” of which they will/can see.

    • Pretty sure they will. But trying to view their past activity is ‘morally’ equivalent to viewing their profile in a way, so I don’t see an issue with it.

  4. I Had a post in the linkedin which has 11000 comments. How can i view and copy all those comments without clicking again and again on show previous comments. Its urgent !!!

  5. Thank you very much solved a longstanding gripe of mine. Linkedin really is a very poor site technically. loads of random stuff from people in whom you have no interest and then when you want to see the source of the chain you cant find it. But I can now so thanks.

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