Making Code Stick (trying learnyounode for the 3rd time)

I really like I find the tutorials to be thoughtful and the way it works is just fine for me. But I’m also finding that some of the lessons don’t stick.

The way most tutorials work, for those who don’t know: You learn a method/principle, write a bit of code, it passes muster, and you move on.

This is all well and good, but I find if I’m not powering through an entire tutorial, I’ll get a few sections in, stop, come back to it in a week or more, and I can’t remember much if anything of the lessons I completed. I have to start over.

So how do I make this stick?

I’ve got a few theories…

  1. Handwriting my notes: There have been a number of articles recently about studies that show taking notes on a keyboard is much less effective than writing them down by hand. So this next run through learnyounode, I’m going to write down handwritten notes, then I’ll transcribe them (probably into a blog post).

  3. Supplemental Code: Every time I’ve successfully learned something else, it was because I USED it. So after doing the required code for the lesson, I’m going to write a second script that exemplifies the concept/method being taught. It will provide repetition to help reinforce, it will make me think more deeply about the method/concept to create that alternate code exercise, which will provide some reinforcement.

  5. Consistency: Once I start, I do as many lessons as I can, but if I can’t get it all in one sitting, I MUST come back to it the next day. Just come back each day until it’s done.

So I’ll see you in a few days with my notes when I’ve finally finished learnyounode. Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

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