Little Tools – Time Addition Calculator

The story of the Time Addition Calculator

Those of you who know me know I hacked a lot of BASIC on my Commodore 64 in the 80s, but when I went to college, I became an artist and performer, got a Mac, and stopped programming. I only picked it back up a dozen-plus years later in my 30s because I needed tools or had creative ideas that needed code to implement. I couldn’t afford to pay someone else, so I just picked up the coding knowledge to DIY.

The other day, I found myself wanting to add up a list of times. A quick Googling/Binging for “time calculator” mostly turned up tools that would give you the difference between two dates in seconds, or give you the Unix timestamp for any date/time. I just wanted a simple calculator where I could use my keypad to enter in times in a simple format, and tally them up.

I know I could do it in Excel, but I wanted to simply enter them very quickly on the numeric keypad, using dots instead of colons.

So I built one and put it on GitHub with an MIT License:

Give it a try…

Adds time of form: [hours.][minutes.]seconds. (Hours and minutes are optional). Press + or Enter to complete an entry.


Total: 00:00:00

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