I’m a Real Engineer

debugged the vending machine

The soda vending machine on our floor got stuck while vending a soda yesterday.

This morning, when the guy came in to re-stock, he took the soda out, put it on top of the machine, and unstuck the delivery caddy. But this left the machine confused. It needed to deliver that soda before it could sell another one. If I put my money in and picked a soda, it would twice try to deliver the soda that was no longer in the caddy, fail, and refund my money with a “vend error.”

I started to write an email to the email address for reporting broken machines when I got an idea… I went back, opened the delivery door and put the soda that was on top of the machine in the delivery slot. I then put my money in and selected a soda. The door opened, I took out the soda I’d just put in, the caddy tried to deliver something, had nothing, and refunded my money. BUT because something had registered as being in the delivery slot, the status reset. Next attempt, it worked fine.

I debugged the soda machine!!!

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  1. Sometimes you have to think like a machine – created and designed by a human being! But which human, what culture, language, mannerism, socioeconomic background? What influenced their design technique and testing ability? I find myself figuring out and fixing all kinds of weird things, and loving every minute of it!

    Great job ‘Experimenting’ for a different outcome!

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