Comfortable Shoes

I’ve always had a wide foot, and quite often I’ve had to buy a half-size too long to get enough width. Had both of my pairs of athletic shoes go south like 7 weeks ago. One had the sole coming loose and one had a rip in the side. So I bought one new pair at Costco. To get it to fit comfortably, I went up a size.

Since then, I’ve developed some foot pain issues in my left foot. I added an insert to the shoe on the advice of my doctor, but long walks or a lot of standing were not things I could do without paying a painful price.

This weekend, I went to DSW to get a second pair of shoes. I was again looking at shoes a size too large when I saw, in my size, a 4E width shoe. Although there were some with designs I liked more aesthetically, finding a shoe that actually fit right seemed more important. I’ve worn them today without the inserts and my foot pain has been way more manageable, although I didn’t walk much.

I’ll have to come back and update this, but since I’ll be doing a lot of walking this week, I’ll find out if these new shoes are really the answer (or at least part of one).

UPDATE (mid-June)

I’ve had a couple of minor episodes with foot pain, but overall, I have been able to enjoy long walks and standing again. Walked well over a mile yesterday for a meeting a number of blocks from my office and had no pain at all.

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