Amazon Leadership Principles Flashcards

I recently interviewed at Amazon and landed an offer as a Developer Evangelist. When friends coached me for the interviews, their leadership principles came up each time with the same advice:

  • Learn them.
  • Whatever you do, don’t mention them by name.

I don’t know. I guess calling them out by name is a way of being too keen. But this is the Amazon Kool-Aid, and everyone there is expected to be able to stir up a batch, so when you’re interviewing there, you better know the recipe. Or in simpler terms, you’ll get questions about how you can or have exhibited these principles, so knowing a story about how you exhibited or applied each one (without calling it out by name, remember) will help you be fluid and calm in the interviews.

They have their page of them.

I thought flash cards would work better for me than a static page, wrote myself up a little flashcard script, and got to a point where I could list them all off in order (of course I didn’t in the interviews).

As a Developer Evangelist, I believe it’s my obligation to share code: big or small, impressive or not, so long as I believe it might help someone else.

So enjoy my Amazon Leadership Principles Flashcards. It’s all bundled up in one HTML document, so if you want to see the underlying code, simply view the source of that page.

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