What Is Scriptcraft and Why Should I Care?

Simply put, Scriptcraft exposes Minecraft APIs to JavaScript and adds a JavaScript console in game so you can dash off quick one-liners or create elaborate apps within Minecraft. It was written by Walter Higgins.

What can you do with it?

Make things, make games, blow big holes in stuff. Walter wrote a snowball fight game to play with his family.

I wrote a script to stack cows in a pyramid (and make them stay still long enough to capture it).

A 5-level pyramid of cows

Why JavaScript?

Why not? It’s really easy to get started, it can be used to build apps for pretty much every platform that exists, and it’s a skill that’s very in-demand.

Get your server set up, get opped and whitelisted, start playing on your server, and you’re 24 keystrokes away from Hello World.

But it’s not Java

No, it’s not. And people will have opinions about that. I could spend a lot of time discussing the relative merits of Java, JavaScript, and people’s opinions, but I’d rather spend that time showing you how to throw virtual sheep and blow stuff up.

Your choice.

Minecraft Modding Menu

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