Programmer Bedtime Stories: A Dame, Two Spells, and a Scope

Schmendrick cooks an egg

“The three of them sat for a couple of hours as Bupkes called out occasionally to say how much he was enjoying the amenities of his enchanted panic room. Eventually, Schmendrick here got hungry and went up to the kitchen, but to keep him from poking around, Chuckles went with him. Just as Schmendrick was getting the food on the stove, all three of them heard a scream, then a shout that was cut off mid-word. Based on what Buckles here heard and the secret word Chuckles told us, it seems he was trying to disable the enchantment.

Chuckles and Schmendrick rushed down, Chuckles shouted the word, and the door was flung open by the built-up pressure of blueberry tarts inside. Goop, pie crust, and one formerly living clown slid out.”

Ahn looked down at her lap, where she’d discovered an errant thread sticking out, she never took her eyes off of it as she said “and of course you suspect the magician.”

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