Programmer Bedtime Stories: A Dame, Two Spells, and a Scope

Dame Catherine (standing). Buckles, Chuckles, and Schmendrick sitting.

Ahn, Schmendrick, and I followed Dame Catherine down to the basement, where we met Bupkes’ two bodyguards, Buckles and Chuckles, who were being interviewed by two squires. She instructed the three men to sit on a bench on one side of the door to the safe retreat room while she stood on the other, talking to her squires. A few minutes later, she waved the squires away and addressed Ahn and me.

“This is what we know,” she told us. “The room was enchanted so not even The Great Schmendrick here could open it once it was invoked. Once inside, Bupkes would choose a special word, and only someone who knew that word could open the door from the outside. The person Bupkes trusted with that word was Chuckles here.” Chuckles grimly raised his hand to identify himself.

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