Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Recursed Army

Pisher the Goniff

In the realms of Data, one trading guild stood out among all its competitors as the most dishonest, scheming, and untrustworthy of them all. They were called The Gonifs, and it was one of their traders who saw an opportunity to get his hands on all that input.

So Pisher the Gonif, wrangled, wheedled, and finagled until he got an invitation to sit in the stands near King Verklempt as he reviewed his army. The soldiers marched past, each with their leathers and mail clean and buffed, each with their halberd and sword polished to a gleaming shine. They looked healthy and well fed.

As the last soldier passed, Pisher the Gonif stood and clapped with all his might. He yelled “Hurrah! Hurrah!” He bowed to the departing soldiers, then turned and bowed to the king. “Your highness,” he called from the stands, “would you allow a simple merchant to ask a simple question?”

The king nodded.

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