Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Recursed Army

The Farkakte Army

But it had the best army in all of the kingdoms that peppered the mountain range, mining the Mountains of Data.

In fact Farkakte sat on a rich vein of input that was the envy of all of Data’s domains, but under the rule of King Verklempt, the mining operation was slow and error prone. His neighbors implored him: “please let us mine that input for you, and we’ll deliver riches beyond compare.”

Unfortunately, when he wasn’t reviewing his fine, fine army, King Verklempt indulged quite actively in his favorite hobby, shaving the yaks that roamed free and plentiful in that part of the mountains. He didn’t keep the hair. For him the act was something to get lost in. His yak shaving was never meant to be nor was it productive.

And between his powerful army and his constant yak shaving, none of the neighboring kingdoms could get King Verklempt to process all that Farkakte input he was just sitting on.

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