Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Farmer and the Gigacows

Table of weights and measures

It is important to this story to understand how things were measured on the Two Cents Plains because all the weights were based on rocks. The smallest unit was a tiny particle of sand, called a granule.

Eight granules made a grain, 1024 grains made a pebble, 1024 pebbles made a rock, and 1024 rocks made a boulder. Essentially a boulder was a gigagrain.

This generally made granules functionally useless for most measurements, but they were meaningful in some of the more exotic spice markets. And in though rarely used, there was even a measure called a milligranule, a thousandth of a granule, though only the royal scale of Zuckerberg was sensitive enough to detect one.

Another measurement of import in this story is a unit of livestock. For on the plains, a herd of 16 cows is known as a drive. What? You’ve never heard of a cattle drive?

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