Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Farmer and the Gigacows

The widow on her farm with cows

Though the widow Bissel had to use the last of her savings for seed and feed, the cows gained weight faster than expected, the harvest came in more bountifully than she could have expected, and come the spring, each cow weighed in at the blacksmith’s at 1.3 boulders or 1.4 of Momzer the Gonifs decimal gigagrains. Five of her cows had calved, so she kept the mothers and babies and drove the other 11 to market in Zuckerberg.

Her cows were so heavy and so healthy that a bidding war erupted and the widow sold the lot for seven rocks of gold. She had replenished her savings, had stores of seed for planting and feed to last until harvest, and she had 10 cows. She was feeling pretty good and allowed herself a small luxury of a glass of mead in the Black Turtle Tavern near the livestock market. As she sipped, Momzer walked in.

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