Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Farmer and the Gigacows

Momzer is unsympathetic

A look of comprehension washed over Momzer’s face. “My dear lady, I never said it weighed 16 boulders. I said each cow was at least one gigagrain. Giga means billion, Mistress, 10 to the 9th power. Now, when some people count grains, they use Giga to mean 2 to the 30th power, which is about 7.3% larger. I meant giga as a power of ten, not as a power of two. If you had only asked for the weight in boulders, this whole misunderstanding might have been prevented.”

“Well now I know and I want some of my money back!”

“I did not mislead you, Mistress. There are witnesses who saw the negotiation. This sale is final.”

She knew he had an iron clad agreement and the law would back him. Nothing she could say would feel better than revenge, so she turned away and marched away, over roads, over fields, until she got home.

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