Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Farmer and the Gigacows

The widow still isn't sure

“Really?” In the accounting she’d planned before her journey, she would buy younger cattle at a weight of 700-800 rocks and enough seed for the spring planting. She had reserved enough gold back at home to buy feed to get through until the harvest, plus an emergency fund. By the following spring, she hoped to have a few calves and a few cows up to the minimum of 1200 rocks to sell them.

But with cows so far along… she did a mental calculation. She could have them to weight by mid-season and make enough to cover winter feed even if she had trouble bringing the crops in again.

“How much?”

“Five rocks of gold.”

Five rocks of gold was 5 megagrains, or 5 MG… big M… big G. That was basically all she’d brought. She’d have nothing left to buy seed. She could buy the seed and feed back in her village and cover it with the gold she’d put aside for an emergency… It was a hard decision.


Momzer’s shoulders slumped. He looked tired, but he put on a wan smile. “Let me walk you into the auctions. I’ll make some introductions, so at least they’ll know to look for you when the bidding starts.”

The widow Bissel gritted her teeth. “four-and-a-half. Final offer.”

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