Programmer Bedtime Stories: The Farmer and the Gigacows

Momzer's sales pitch

“With Momzer the Gonif, you get the finest buying experience and the very best cattle I can deliver.”

The widow Bissel nodded her agreement and Momzer gave her a friendly smile. “Follow me.”

Momzer led her around the outside of the livestock market pavilion, being charming and chatty as they walked. until they arrived at a pen near the back of the market.

In Momzer’s pen there were 16 cows. They looked healthy enough, but… “Aren’t they a little small,” she asked.

Momzer waved a hand in dismissal. “I assure you mistress, these are prize, high-density cattle.”

“High density?”

“Yes, my good woman. These are…” he paused and looked around as if to make sure no one was listening… “Gigacows.”


“Gigacows, dear lady. They are guaranteed to weigh at least one gigagrain each.”

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