My 200 Mile Challenge

Exercise Setup

Septmber 1 through the day before my birthday makes a period of exactly 8 weeks. I have challenged myself to ride my exercise bike 200 miles in 8 weeks, targeting 25 per week spread over 3-4 workouts.

Got a late start this first week, but I’m 1/3 of my weekly goal down… with 2 more days to go. I might get in a few make-up miles tonight. The photo above is of my “exercise desk”: a rolling laptop stand that can slot in between me and the monitor on my exercise bike so I can watch videos, do simple email, or engage with social media while I ride.

I’ve been thinking of a reward if I meet my goal. I’m hoping the reward will be another reduction in diabetes meds and having to consider buying a smaller belt. I don’t want the reward to be any of the starchy foods I’ve given up, but I’ve also been off alcohol this whole time, so maybe a shot of 25-year-old rum… Hmmm, at an ounce and a half of rum per 200 miles ridden, I’ll be getting 17,000 miles to the gallon. Maybe well-aged rum is the new superfuel.

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