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Cat dressed as a miner - copyright 2015 Greg BulmashSince every presentation needs a cat picture… meet the Minecat.

This is the page where I will put decks, videos, and other resources from my speaking about the amazing ScriptCraft mod, which allows kids to start Minecraft modding in minutes using JavaScript. I didn’t create it, but as a CoderDojo leader, member of the developer community, and a dad to two boys, I LOVE teaching and talking about it.

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Seattle CodeCamp – Talking about teaching kids JavaScript with Minecraft. (deck)

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Minecraft Modding Articles/Tutorials

About Modding

What is ScriptCraft & Why Should I Care?

Setting Up Your Server

Setting up a local Minecraft server with Scriptcraft
Letting friends play on your Minecraft server
Sharing your local Minecraft server on the Internet

Beginner Topics

Hello World in Minecraft with Scriptcraft
JavaScript variables, functions, and arguments in Minecraft
JavaScript Variables II – Sheep Chucking in Minecraft

Intermediate Topics

The list of different block types in Scriptcraft

External Links

ScriptCraft API Reference
CanaryMod 1.2.1 JavaDocs
Walter Higgins’ ScriptCraft Book
The Young Person’s Guide to Programming in Minecraft
Minecraft Block Reference

Script Walkthroughs

Conference Decks

Cascadia JS 2015 (Powerpoint)

Minecraft is the intellectual property of Mojang AB and Microsoft. No affiliation between this site and the official Minecraft properties is intended. ScriptCraft is the amazing work of CoderDojo dad Walter Higgins (who Wrote A Book about it). Minecat illustration is ©2015 Greg Bulmash.

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