Letting Friends Play on Your Minecraft Server

Whether you’ve put your server in the cloud or you’re running it on your own computer, there are a couple of things you should know about Minecraft server security.

The Minecraft Server Whitelist

The pre-configured Minecraft Server I provide with the installation instructions has whitelisting turned on. This is so only people you’ve approved can log in.

Let’s say you’ve got a friend whose Minecraft ID is SuperBlagarfy. You can add them at the server in the terminal…

adding SuperBlagarfy to the whitelist at the terminal

Or if you’re an operator, you can do it in the game.

Adding SuperBlagarfy to your Minecraft Whitelist in the game

That lets them log in to your server.

If you get mad at them and want to revoke their permission to login, instead of “whitelist add” you do “whitelist remove” and it all works.

CanaryMod builder permissions

Canarymod, the server I currently provide, has a pretty restrictive permission set. Basically, people who join your server can’t destroy or place blocks. And if you want to build houses, giant castles, work on a project together, they need permissions.

To give your visitors build permissions (remember, they’ll all be people you’ve approved) enter the following at the server in the terminal…

groupmod permission add visitors canary.world.build

If you want them to be able to use the drone and write one line JavaScript mods at the command prompt, use…

groupmod permission add admins scriptcraft.evaluate

How to *find* your server

If you’ve put your server in the cloud or on a hosting service, they’ll tell you the address.

But what if your server is on your laptop or desktop at home. How do you put it online for your friends?

Read my article on sharing your local Minecraft server over the internet for a pretty easy and free solution.

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