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While going through an old hard drive, I found a list of press clippings and soundbite quotes I compiled for one of my job searches back in the late 90s before I joined IMDb full time. Thought I’d share it for all the friends who didn’t know me then…

What Are They Saying About Greg Bulmash And The WASHED-UPdate?

People – August 25th, 1997 – “Hunting For Has-Beens” – Page 44

Richard Grieco of 21 Jump Street has starred in cable movies with Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill. Jamie Farr, M*A*S*H’s Corporal Klinger, reunited with William Christopher (a.k.a. Father Mulcahy) this year for a regional-theater tour of The Odd Couple. The Dukes of Hazzard’s John Schneider counsels expectant dads on the video Honey, I’m Pregnant Too.
These are a few of the where-are-they-now gems at The WASHED-UPdate. Greg Bulmash, an L.A. Web designer and freelance writer, uses the Net to track former faves. “It started when I was wondering what hapened to Irene Cara from Fame,” says Bulmash, 28. A Web search listed her as performing in England. Hooked, Bulmash started the newsletter which draws about 20,000 readers. Despite its title, he is respectful: “These people are still playing because people will come to see them.”

Newsweek – August 10th, 1997 – “Fame Game” – Page 10

What-ever-happened-to? Post-mortems on stars from the past three decades fill two online zines, the WASHED-UPdate and Former Child Star Palooza (both at A sample: Bruno of “Fame” fame (Lee Curreri) played a gay Basque terrorist in a Spanish art film; LeRoy (Gene Anthony Ray) appeared in the musical “Carrie” and choreographs for Princess Cruise Lines. FCSP dish includes an actor from “The Toy” (which also starred Richard Pryor) admitting to Jerry Springer that he now stars in adult films.

Wired – August ’97 – “That Obscure Object of TV” – Page 143

Any lightweight can recount Seinfeld’s tales of urban malaise. But, those with true pop culture prowess freely quote from The Washed-Update. Flex your muscles as you announce that Philip Michael Thomas and Tommy Chong will reunite with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin on Nash Bridges, or take a date to see Frank “Herb Tarlek” Bonner’s latest play.

Us – March ’97 – “Essentials” – Page 31

SURF IT: Starsky, Bo Duke, Mr. Belvedere: They invaded your home every week; then suddenly they disappeared. What happened? Greg Bulmash, keeper of the WASHED-UPdate, knows. He publishes a weekly where-are-they-now? communique that’ll have you gasping over the downward spiral of, among others, Larry “Frank Burns” Linville (now in straight to video limbo) and Love Boat cruise director Lauren Tewes (star of It Came From Outer Space II). Fortunately for the former household names, the site does not let you download photos from their new work.

What Else?

“[One of] our favorite Web resources — sites we use every day to answer your questions and research stories.” – USA Weekend – February ’97

“This guy really knows his stuff.” – Yahoo Internet Life

“No matter where the stars of yesterday hide, from made-for-cable movies of the week to regional dinner theater, Greg Bulmash will find them.” – Mr. Media

“His very tongue-in-cheek approach to the question ‘Where are they now?’ is refreshing and laugh-out-loud funny.” – Netsurfer Digest

“Since then, he’s been in — well, there was the … um … hey, what do you expect, this isn’t the WASHED-UPDATE.” Tom Heald – Late Show News

“Get thee online — no excuses, your local library probably has internet access — and check out The WASHED-UPdate, a glorious weekly Web compendium…” – Diane Werts – Newsday

“One of our personal favorites” – Lycos Top 10

“If these questions burn in your soul, by all means keep them to yourself–and then, when you’re sure nobody’s looking, turn to the Washed-Update.” – Dummies Daily

“Bulmash is a witty writer, and the column’s always good for a laugh.” – Mike Nist – Internet Mining Co.

“Site of the Day” – PC Magazine Online – March ’97
“Site of the Week” – PC Magazine Online – June ’97

“The Washed-Update is exactly what we’ve been looking for ever since those little cherubs from teevee’s Diff’rent Strokes went bad.” – The Angle

“It’s affectionate, newsy, and is thought highly enough of that it’s become
an official offshoot of the IMDb.” – The Washington Post

“…you can still keep in touch with the stars who don’t come out anymore, via ‘The WASHED-UPdate’.” – The Jerusalem Post

“…gloriously compulsive…” – The Boston Globe

“That’s some good stuff, bud.” – Joe Bob Briggs (Host of TNT’s “Monstervision”)

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