Falling off my high horse

Been thinking about the interruption of the Bernie Sanders rally.

Having been the victim of someone with an agenda trying to hijack an event I worked hard to pull together, I was particularly upset.

I felt that people approving of what they did were walking a slippery slope. If the protest’s theme had been “God’s Law Matters” instead of “Black Lives Matter,” many of the people commending the protesters would be singing a different tune. When it was so obvious that the “okayness” of one vs. the other was based on the subjective opinion of the viewer, the only truly fair and reasonable point of view would be to condemn all acts like this.

It frustrated me. Why couldn’t all these people who commended them see how wrong they were?

But after some time and distance, this thought occurred to me: Would I have been nearly as pissed if they did it to Donald Trump instead?

No. I’d probably have loved it.

It hurts when you fall off your high horse.

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