Certstaffix – Greyhat SEO Scam?

Lucy in Disguise
As the maintainer of the Seattle CoderDojo web site, I get the contact emails. Twice in the past 9 months, we’ve received emails with the exact subject line “coding resources (thanks!).” Each purported to be from a different woman who was the caregiver of a child who was learning to code and found our resources page really helpful. They also just happened to find a page at Certstaffix’s certstaff dot com and that it would mean the world to them if we’d add it to our resources page because they’d like to show their kid that they were able to help other kids.

The first time, I wrote it off as a well-intentioned grandma. Now, with a second one, with an extremely similar story and emotional touchpoints, the same appeal to show the kid they’d made a difference, and the EXACT same subject line, I’m calling bullshit. I believe that CertStaffix Training has hired an SEO company that is pulling a scam to generate backlinks. Not sure if Certstaffix knows, but when I tried to tell their CS staff, Sheila said we weren’t in their CRM, got huffy (wished me a “good DAY!”), and ended the chat.

I am not claiming that Certstaffix was doing this themselves or knew whomever did this was acting unethically on their behalf. But now that I’m calling this out, I hope they will get to the bottom of this and get it stopped.

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  1. Academic library staffer with online guides – same exact story – email came in this morning: “We found your site really helpful, but wondered if you would please include this link (to Certstaffix) that my helper found too? His name is. . .” When I checked out the domain from the included email address (autumnarts.org), I got a non-responsive website with no external connections and a series of names that don’t track to anything else. My system flagged it as potential spam, and this was enough to kick it out. We call BS too.

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